Bianca and Sacha

The words Rojo y Negro (red and black in Spanish), represent the colours and the essence of Tango. They evoke images of passion and the union of man and woman. They are intense and dramatic, yet timeless and elegant, just like Tango.

Rojo y Negro Tango school was founded by Bianca Vrcan in 2000, and since then has been associated with excellence in tuition, following original and innovative teaching methods, developed by Bianca.

The school was joined by Sacha in 2006, and since then, Bianca and Sacha have been very dedicated, not only running a busy school schedule, but also organising a variety of Tango events, including festivals and concerts.

Rojo y Negro group classes are currently based in a very pleasant venue, the Union Tavern, conveniently located between Clerkenwell and Kings Cross.