General information

Group classes are a great way to learn Tango and to enjoy the social aspect of it. They are the simplest way to meet people with whom to practice and dance. Group classes, however, have some limitations. If you are a quick learner or a professional dancer, you may find the speed of the lesson inadequate as the lesson must cater for the whole group. In that case, you are better off taking private lessons. In group classes, you will be corrected from time to time, but naturally not all the time as that would take too long. That means that you really have to focus on the information given by the teacher, otherwise you might end up practising the moves incorrectly.

Group classes might be an apparently cheaper way to learn than by taking private lessons but it actually isn't if you compare the speed and efficiency of your learning, hence avoiding the formation of bad habits and getting you to the dance floor quicker. Perhaps the right combination of group and private lessons is the best way to progress, but each person has to find what is most suitable for them.

We teach group classes three evenings a week: every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We change topics every lesson, so don't worry about missing an evening as our teaching is circular and we'll cover the topic again in the future, or by request.

Our classes are drop-in, so you don't have to wait for the end of a course and you don't need to tell us you're coming—just drop in! Also, you don't need a partner as we have fairly even numbers and you will dance with everyone during a class.

Group lessons 3 times a week

Every Monday and Tuesday at the Union Tavern

Level Time
Beginner (L1) 6:30–7:30
Technique and intermediate (L2 & 3) 7:45–9:15
Practice 9:15–9:45

Every Wednesday at Flow Dance

Level Time
Beginner, technique and improvers (L1/2) 7:00–8:30

Beginner classes

Our beginner classes are unique in nature. You will not be learning any fancy steps, but will focus on your dance foundations that will enable you to dance Tango well. Our beginner classes are not overcrowded as they run three times a week, but we tend to work very closely with everyone in the group. You will have time to practice a lot, both individually as well as part of a couple, and get well-conditioned. You will always be corrected on your posture until you achieve your optimal look and feel. When we think you're ready, we will advise you to progress to the next level, and attend our technique/improver class.


  • Beginner (1-hour class)
  • £10
  • One beginner class
  • 1-hour class

Improver/technique classes

In our technique classes, we explore different topics and concepts but the emphasis is always around improving your posture, balance, connection, musicality and improvisation skills. Another objective of this class is to link the learned material to the foundations.

  • Beginner
    Technique (Wednesday)
  • £15
  • Take a mixed beginner, technique and improver class at Flow Dance, Oval
  • 1.5 hour of class

Intermediate/advanced classes

This is a programme of classes suitable for anyone who is confident at navigating on a social dance floor and is ready for complex turning patterns.

It is necessary to study at this level for at least one year to understand all the possibilities of turning as well as the structure around which all the Tango moves are based.

  • Improver/technique
  • £15
  • Take a mixed improver/technique and intermediate/advanced class at the Union Tavern
  • 1.5 hour class


In our intensive workshops, we take longer to master a topic, starting with an introduction of the topic, then gradually developing it, allowing enough time to practice a variety of ideas related to that topic.

Guest workshops

We occasionally invite guest teachers to our school. This could be because of their unique dance or teaching style, or their skills and personalities combined. Keep an eye on our news to find out whom we are hosting next.