About our intensive workshops

The difference between a regular workshop and an intensive one is that in the intensive workshop we take longer to master any topic. Starting with an introduction of the topic and gradually developing it, we allow enough time to practice a variety of ideas related to that topic.

The subjects in Tango can vary a lot, and while we often introduce new topics, we always schedule the most classic subjects more often in our calendar.

So far, some of the most popular intensives have been:

  • Improver intensive
  • Musicality intensive
  • Improvisation
  • Close embrace
  • Vals / Milonga, in two parts each
  • Armworks
  • Legworks
  • Dancing to Pugliese
Events calendar

We are also open to students' suggestions, and are happy to include new topics every year. Write to us with your suggestion, and we'll try to include it in our schedule.

Note: Even if we sometimes repeat the most popular workshop themes, they are always different and worth taking more than once to really master a particular aspect of tango.
Please book your desired workshop as early as you can to help us ensure even numbers and an even level in each workshop.