Wedding dance preparation

We absolutely love preparing couples for their wedding dance and working together towards their special day. Even though Argentine Even though Tango is not an easy dance to master, you should not worry. We are here to teach you an amazing choreography, devised around your song of choice and your personality. During the process of creation of your choreography, we will take everything into account: your dress, the type of space and the photographer's and videographer's point of view. Each dance is completely personalised, as each couple is very different, and our aim is to bring the best out of the partnership through the choreography. By the end of the process, you will look forward to dance confidently and impress your friends and family. And, of course, you will definitely have some amazing photos to cherish forever!

Please take a moment to read the answers to some typical questions to help you get an idea of the process, before contacting us to discuss your first dance.

How many lessons should we take?
This is entirely up to you. The minimum number of lessons we recommend is four, for an easy or short song.
Do we get to chose our song?
Of course, this is part of the fun! However, if you feel indecisive, we can certainly help you to chose a suitable song.
Do you choreograph the whole song?
We can certainly do that, but it would take much more than just four sessions to learn a whole choreography. Many couples enjoy the challenge of learning a complex routine to a full-length song, but they typically contact us early, about six months ahead of their wedding, giving themselves plenty of time to perfect their performance.
Do you help with dress and shoes advice?
Of course, we take everything in consideration and discuss your wedding dance in detail in our first—slightly longer—session.
What kind of moves do you include in the choreography?
The moves we choreograph are designed with the aim to suit your personality and your ability to learn them, the dress you are wearing, the space in which you will perform, the speed and the mood of the song.
And, of course we don't forget to include some sexy moves that will look amazing on the camera.
Does it matter that I have never danced before?
No, we will make you look good no matter what.
What is the cost?
We have different price options and this is why you should contact us directly at this point and we will be very happy to chat with your about your special day requirements. We offer discounts for block bookings.