Maria de Buenos Aires opera at the Arcola Theatre

Tuesday 30th August–Saturday 3rd September

María was seduced by the tango. Now she is the most bewitching dancer in Buenos Aires, and the talk of its red light district. But when the languishing Piazzolla is driven mad by her fatal passion, he conspires to stop it dead. María is made of flesh and blood, but her spirit will to be harder to kill.

Astor Piazzolla's 70-minute opera is a unique masterpiece about passion, lust and the supernatural. Set against the backdrop of a teeming city, to the sound of milongas, tangos and waltzes, María de Buenos Aires binds the slang of brothels to the poetry of angels.

With an eclectic mix of singing, acting and dancing, all backed by what is possibly Piazzolla's masterpiece, and Horacio Ferrer's searing, poetic lyrics, all of your senses are in for a treat!

We're honoured to be part of this wonderful production of María, and to have worked so hard with this incredibly talented group of actors, singers, musicians and other artists, drawn together by Natalie Katsou of Operaview. Thanks also to Arcola Theatre for their Grimeborn festival, a seven-week showcase of a wide repertoire of opera.

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Saturday, 27th August 2016

We made it to the Daily Telegraph's critical list!

Daily Telegraph lists Maria de Buenos Aires in its critical list!

Wednesday, 31st August 2016

A sneak peek into our María

A glimpse into our Maria de Buenos Aires, Arcola theatre London

Thursday, 1st September 2016

…Gosalbo and his ensemble brought out the steaminess and intensity of Piazzolla's tango nuevo whilst keep the rhythms crisp and vivid.
…The whole production blurred the boundaries, as singers danced, instrumentalists sang, creating a synthesis of the whole. Bianca Vrcan and Sacha El Masry were wonderfully sexy as the two dancers, finely in tune with each other and creating an evocative backdrop in the scenes.
Robert Hugill's review on Planet Hugill

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